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soup-based meal options that are

Ingredients You Can Pronounce

High In Fiber & Protein
Low in Salt, Fat & Added Sugar

Simple Ingredients. Complex Flavors.

Our food system is broken. We’re trying to fix it. Soupergirl believes in real, responsible food. We support our local farming community. We compost. We cook plant-based, healthy, delicious soups by hand – in small batches.
The planet wins. The consumer wins. The community wins. The farmers win. We believe we can change this planet – one bowl of soup at a time. Join us!

Souper Meals

Introducing a whole new way to approach healthy eating. Our Souper Meals program is a variety pack of fresh, healthy, all natural, plant-based soup meals delivered right to your door. Now delivering nationwide! 
Step 1: Choose your soup plan and flavors
Step 2: pick your first delivery date
Step 3: stop cooking. start eating!

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“I have done the Souper Meals program over 10 times this year. I find them healthy, hearty and tasty. The soups have helped me lose weight and keep my sugar cravings in check.” — Praveen Jaspal, M.D. DC

“Eating these delicious soups might be your prescription for getting healthy and feeling great. Sara puts these ingredients together as part of a delicious, disease-fighting, health-promoting soup machine!”  – Neal Barnard, M.D. President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine