All natural soup from a mother-daughter duo

We do the cooking, we do the thinking, you do the healthy eating.

soup options that are

Ingredients You Can Pronounce

High In Fiber & Protein Low In Salt, Fat & added Sugar

If you don’t find an ingredient in soupermom’s kitchen…

You won’t find it in our soups.

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Souper Meals Menu

Curried Red Lentil Butternut Squash
Split Pea Mint
Spicy Creamy Chickpea
Gingered Sweet Potato
Creamy Pumpkin Mushroom
Gingered Red Lentil Split Pea
Creamy Sweet Potato Parsnip
Southwestern Quinoa
Italian Bean and Squash
Mexican Black Bean Sweet Potato
Home-Style Lentil & Greens
Smoky Quinoa Butternut Squash

The truth is in the soup

“More than just a meal, eating these delicious soups might be your prescription for getting healthy and feeling great. The evidence is in: fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains are the most powerful foods for health. Sara puts these ingredients together as part of a delicious, disease-fighting, health-promoting soup machine!”  – Neal Barnard, M.D. President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

“I have done the Souper Meals program over 10 times this year. I find them healthy, hearty and tasty. The soups have helped me lose weight and keep my sugar cravings in check.” — Praveen Jaspal, M.D. DC

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