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Soupergirl Gift Guide: For Sending Your Love this Holiday Season

Soupergirl Gift Guide: For Sending Your Love this Holiday Season

It's December. Commence panic. There's not enough time! There's not enough space! There's not enough love. Where IS the love? Spoiler alert - it's at Soupergirl! We've got the soup, the fun, and definitely the love. Check out all of our gift ideas and have some fun!

Hand-crafted food is the perfect way to send some love this holiday season. We've rounded up our favorites to make the gifting even easier.

Shop them all or grab a gift card here.

Soupermom's Seasonal Faves!

Soupermom has picked some of her absolute favorites to give you an excellent Souper sampler pack. Trust Soupermom! She's got your back. Or, your bowl...

Good Vibes

Why HAVEN'T you sent the Good Vibes package to everyone you love? Everyone needs good vibes in their life.

Gazpacho Lover's Bundle

Sometimes you need a little gazpacho. And sometimes you need a lot. Like, a fridge full of gazpacho. And we're here for that.

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Sara Polon (Soupergirl), Co-Founder and CEO, has the attention span of a gnat. Therefore, her post-college career path took many meandering twists and turns including working at an Internet start up, leading tours through the Middle East, and several years as a stand-up comic in New York.

In 2008, after reading Michael Pollan's book, The Omnivore's Dilemma, she founded Soupergirl along with her mom, Marilyn Polon. Sara is passionate about upending the industrialization of our food system. She believes deeply that consumers can make food choices that better themselves as well as the world. She drinks an average of five cups of coffee a day - usually black. In her spare time she enjoys biking, hiking, hanging out with her nieces, and drinking even more coffee.

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