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Vote, Please!

Vote, Please!

Friends –

Does this really qualify as a “health tip?” Absolutely! As I mentioned last week, so many of us are overcome with worry. While I tried to communicate that worrying doesn’t really accomplish anything, taking action does! In a world where we can sometimes feel out of control, taking tangible action – like casting your vote – can provide some semblance of, well, control.

In addition to paying attention to the federal election, I encourage you to learn about the candidates running for local office. It is these people who can most impact your life. Your local tax policy, your schools, your streets – your local elected officials control all of these things. Educate yourself, and then vote!

Personally, I vote in honor of my grandparents who came to this country in the early 20th century in search of a better life. I also think of those around the world who don’t have this basic right. The fact that we get to participate in our democratic process is something that I do not take for granted.

Thank you, in advance, friends! If you can, share some pictures and voting stories with me. I love hearing from you!

Sending you love and health.



*NOTE – Soupermom is not a licensed dietitian, doctor, personal trainer, or anything like that. She’s just extremely knowledgeable about healthy living!! But if you slip and fall while taking her advice, it is not her fault!

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Marilyn Polon (Soupermom), Co-Founder and CAO (chief anxiety officer) has been worried about Soupergirl since the company launched in 2008. Actually, even before that. Her career has also been random and fascinating. After twenty years as a speech therapist, Soupermom changed careers and became a volunteer coordinator. She then had a wonderful stint as a docent at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. She was then dragged out of retirement by her daughter who insisted that they start a soup company. Could that be any more random?

All of the company’s recipes come from Soupermom’s kitchen. Honestly, she’s a testament to the power of healthy eating. Her hobbies include really long hikes, walking, doting on her granddaughters, and coming up with new recipes for Soupergirl. She is also a guru of all things health related but gets the words to every single song she sings incorrect. All of them. Loudly. Lastly, her laugh is contagious.

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