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Germy Do's and Don'ts

Hello Loyal Soup People! As Soupergirl mentioned, holiday season is rapidly approaching… which means cold and flu season is too! Yuck. I wanted to send out a few simple reminders about how to keep yourself germ-free this season. I also wanted to include a few notes about what NOT to do!


– Wash your hands often and correctly. You’ve probably heard this advice before, but it works! Wash your hands with soap for twenty seconds under warm water, while rubbing your hands vigorously. Clean your nails, cuticles, in between your fingers… all over! Be sure to dry them thoroughly as well. You should be washing your hands before you eat, after you sneeze into your hand, after using the restroom, after coughing, after exercising… basically a lot!

– Keep your kitchen counter and cutting boards clean. As I’ve mentioned in previous columns, the kitchen can be the dirtiest (germiest!!) place in the home. Clean your counters and cutting boards before cooking to get rid of any germs.


– Avoid antibacterial hand soap and cleaning products. These types of soap are harsh on your skin and provide no additional health benefits. Plus, our overuse of antibacterial products is leading to the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. Not good!

– Don’t steer clear of the gym or airplanes out of fear of germs. Staying fit is only going to boost your immune system. Flying is the safest (but arguably most stressful) way of travel. Just avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes, and ears when at the gym or on a plane. Wash your hands often!

In short – be smart! Don’t invest in expensive face masks or avoid places just to stay healthy. Wash your hands, get proper sleep, and exercise. And do try to keep your hands away from your mouth, eyes, nose, and ears!