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Quarazy for Quinoa!

Quarazy for Quinoa!

Never eat anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Except quinoa. You should definitely eat quinoa.

We’ve heard it pronounced every which way: “Queen Noah,” “Kai-noe,” “Kwin-wah.” However you say it, it’s still the most healthful, tasty grain around!

Loaded with protein and fiber, as well as myriad nutrients like iron, lysine, and magnesium, quinoa is the bodybuilder’s favorite snack, the perfect energy food for breakfast or lunch, and the heartily amazing addition to any soup or salad.

This week, Soupergirl is going qurazy-for-quinoa: try our hot Quinoa Vegetable Basil soup or our Spicy Quinoa Bean & Corn Salad! Hurry in before this soupergrain runs out!