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Refuel Post Workout Naturally

Hello Loyal Soup People! My daughter mentioned that people are drinking gazpacho as a post workout drink. I love hearing this because, as you can probably guess, I’m not a big fan of sports drinks in general. Beverages that were created for professional and extreme athletes such as football players or marathon runners are now marketed to the general public and children. Most of us simply don’t work out enough to require much more than water and a light healthy meal in the hours after we exercise.

If you do find yourself extra sweaty after a hard workout or from being outside in the heat and humidity, you do need to refuel. Your body needs hydration, electrolytes, some carbs and protein, a bit of salt, and potassium! When you sweat excessively, you lose a lot of these essential nutrients. It is important to refuel smartly. What you don’t need is added sugar and caffeine – the primary ingredients in so many sports drinks.

Water, tea, and yes, gazpacho are perfect post-workout beverages. Watermelon is an excellent food to eat after exercising! Steer clear of bottles filled with bizarre colors. I’ve never seen all natural drinks that are “electric blue” or deep purple! After you’ve worked so hard to exercise – why would you fill your body up with chemicals and additives? Approach sports hydration like you approach food – all naturally!

*NOTE – Soupermom is not a licensed dietitian, doctor, personal trainer, or anything like that. She’s just extremely knowledgeable about healthy living!! But if you slip and fall while taking her advice, it is not her fault!