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Thanksgiving Eating Tips!

Hello Loyal Soup People! As Soupergirl mentioned seventeen times in this email, Thanksgiving is here! As I often do around this time, I’d like to provide some helpful tips on how to maintain a somewhat healthy diet at Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. Keep these tricks in mind when approaching a big holiday meal:

– Drink water and/or green tea before the meal. You won’t feel famished when sitting down to a big meal if you fill yourself with a bit of calorie-free hydration.

– Use a salad plate for your main course. Many studies show that we tend to mindlessly clear our plates. We’ll finish whatever is put in front of us. So set yourself up for success by simply using a smaller plate! Even if you finish everything on it, you’ll eat nearly half of what you would have with a normal sized plate.

– Strategize your eating. Choose a few things on the menu that you love, and stick to eating those items. Don’t feel compelled to take a serving of everything that’s offered. I’m not sure why we all feel the need to cook four types of stuffing! One is enough!

– When you finish eating, take your plate to the kitchen and wash it. Looking at your empty plate in front of you tempts you to add second, third, and fourth servings! If you have no plate and fork, you can’t mindlessly pick at food.

Physical acts are also important. If you can, leave the table and help clean up! Go for a post-meal walk around the block. Any change of activity can distract you from over-eating.

However, most importantly, enjoy!! Everything in moderation… including moderation!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, everyone!