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Corporate Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for your colleague or team?

Choose from our pre-made gift boxes or email us at for custom and bulk options!

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    Soupermom's Seasonal Faves!

    Soupermom's Seasonal Faves!


    6 different soups* (16 oz)

    • Roasted Sweet Potato Apple
    • Heavenly Lemony Greek Lentil
    • Moroccan Style Harira
    • Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili
    • Creole Rice and Bean
    • Butternut Bisque

    *No substitutions at this time. Soups are different each week.

    So many soups, so little time! Let Soupermom guide you. There is no one who knows these soups better because they are all her recipes! Soupermom has picked some of her absolute favorites to give you an excellent Souper sampler pack. Trust Soupermom! She's got your back. Or, your bowl...
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    Good Vibes

    Good Vibes


    • 6 select soups* (16 oz)
    • 1 French Lentil Roasted Veg Bowl
      (10 oz)
    • 1 (4) pack Bake at Home Chocolate Chunk Cookies
    • 1 Challah

    *Soup flavors are selected by Soupergirl. At this time, we cannot honor substitutions or customizations

    Sometimes your friend needs some love. Sometimes they need some soup. Sometimes they need a treat. Sometimes they need all of the above. And sometimes you want to be the coolest and most supportive friends by checking all the boxes and sending someone this dandy love-in-a-box. New parents! Your cousin who fell off their skateboard. Your friend who just got a new job. In fact, why HAVEN'T you sent the Good Vibes package to everyone you love? Sheesh! Don't forget to include your gift note when checking out! Also, remember to make sure your recipient is planning to be home to receive your gift!
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    Gazpacho Lover's Bundle

    Gazpacho Lover's Bundle


    • 9 Assorted Gazpacho flavors
    • Beet
    • Spicy Tomato
    • Tomato
    Sometimes you need a little gazpacho. And sometimes you need a lot. Like, a fridge full of gazpacho. And we're here for that. We're here for you! Click once, and your wish is our commend. A gazpacho assortment - in your fridge - faster than you can say gazpachorific!

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