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Hello Loyal Soup People! There’s been a bit of “buzz” lately about the real benefits of eating breakfast. Some research seems to point to the fact that skipping this meal might not be as bad for you as we once thought. However, I strongly believe that eating the right breakfast is essential to any healthy eating regiment.

The key to reaping the benefits of breakfast is eating the write foods. Grabbing a sugar laden muffin or breakfast bar is only going to make your insulin shoot up and cause a sugar crash soon after you finish. Not what we want in the morning! On the other hand, eating a fiber and protein rich breakfast will jump start your metabolism and help you maintain a steady blood sugar level. The will help stave off mid-morning cravings for the sugar and salt filled snacks at the vending machine.

If you find yourself full in the morning, try looking at what you are doing at night. If you are eating a big meal or a lot of snacks right before going to sleep, you won’t be hungry in the morning. Try to eat a light dinner and avoid late night snacking.

If you can’t fit in a full breakfast, try something light and simple. A piece of fruit combined with some nut butter is better than nothing!