Do you cater?

Absolutely! We cater everything from office lunches to large dinner parties! Soup shooters, anyone? E​­mail​ us for all the details and pricing.

Just how eco-friendly are you?

We’re so green, Kermit is jealous. Wow, that’s a terrible joke. Oh well. But seriously folks, back in 2009 we won the DC – Affinity Lab / William James Foundation Socially Responsible Business Plan competition. We strive every day to be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. We compost our kitchen scraps, source from local farms, use wind power in our kitchen and stores, and serve entirely plant-based food. Our carbon footprint is pretty darn low!

Do you offer the Gift of Soup?

Nothing says I Love You, Feel Better, or Thanks for Lending Me Your Plunger Last Night like the gift of soup! Head over to our order page for information about all the different ways you can send someone soup!

Do you offer nutrition information for your soups?

We provide nutrition information for all of our soups sold at stores and markets around the area. We are working on providing this information for all soups sold at our stores as well. Be sure to check each store’s menu page for detailed information about each soup and salad, including ingredients and allergy information. If the nutrition information is available, you’ll find it there as well. We can tell you, however, that our soups are incredibly healthy. They are 100% plant based, low salt, low fat, and most importantly, absolutely delicious!

Do your soups have any meat?

Nope! None at all! In fact, our company is completely plant based. No meat, chicken, dairy, eggs, fish, creamy, gelatin, milk in sight. We are committed to being as sustainable as possible. Being 100% plant based is about as green as you can get when it comes to food!

Do you play well with others?

Yes! The first Tuesday of every month we donate a portion of our sales to Compassion Over Killing, a wonderful animal rights organization headquartered down the street. We also make frequent donations to area charities – from Martha’s Table to Miriam’s Kitchen, to local schools and other non-profits.

We also share well. Soupermom taught us well.