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General FAQ

Do you cater?

Absolutely! We cater everything from office lunches to large dinner parties! Soup shooters, anyone? E​­mail​ us for all the details and pricing.

Just how eco-friendly are you?

We’re so green, Kermit is jealous. Wow, that’s a terrible joke. Oh well. But seriously folks, back in 2009 we won the DC – Affinity Lab / William James Foundation Socially Responsible Business Plan competition. We strive every day to be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. We compost our kitchen scraps, source from local farms, use wind power in our kitchen and stores, and serve entirely plant-based food. Our carbon footprint is pretty darn low!

Do you offer the Gift of Soup?

Nothing says I Love You, Feel Better, or Thanks for Lending Me Your Plunger Last Night like the gift of soup! Head over to our order page for information about all the different ways you can send someone soup!

Do you offer nutrition information for your soups?

We provide nutrition information for all of our soups sold at stores and markets around the area. We are working on providing this information for all soups sold at our stores as well. Be sure to check each store’s menu page for detailed information about each soup and salad, including ingredients and allergy information. If the nutrition information is available, you’ll find it there as well. We can tell you, however, that our soups are incredibly healthy. They are 100% plant based, low salt, low fat, and most importantly, absolutely delicious!

Our soups are also certified by the Eat Real organization. Eat REAL® developed Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership (REAL) Certified® to be the trusted, nationally-recognized mark of excellence for food and foodservice operators committed to holistic nutrition and environmental stewardship.

Do your soups have any meat?

Nope! None at all! In fact, our company is completely plant based. No meat, chicken, dairy, eggs, fish, creamy, gelatin, milk in sight. We are committed to being as sustainable as possible. Being 100% plant based is about as green as you can get when it comes to food!

Do you play well with others?

Yes! Soupermom taught us that playing well and sharing with others is very important.  Giving and supporting others is a priority for Soupergirl.  We regularly donate soup to Martha’s Table , Miriam’s Kitchen, many local schools and other non-profit organizations. While we love helping out as much as we can, we receive many more requests than we can accommodate.


Souper Meals FAQ

What soups come in a typical Souper Meals program?

Our menu changes with the seasons, so you’ll never get bored!   There is always a variety of 12 unique soups.  You can always view the current menu on our Souper Meals menu page.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver our Souper Meals twice a week up and down the East Coast and beyond (via FedEx). You can look on the Delivery details page to see if we deliver to your zip code. Please email us at soupermeals@thesoupergirl.com and let us know if you think we should be delivering to your zip code.

Pick-up: If you live in the Washington, DC area, you can also choose to pick-up your Souper Meals at either of our retail locations (Takoma or Dupont).

Please note that our Souper Meals Program delivery area is much larger than our traditional delivery menu.

Are snacks permitted while on the Souper Meals program?

Absolutely! When you receive your Souper Meals you’ll find an information sheet with snack guidance and suggestions. Listen to your body! If you find yourself hungry, enjoy one of the suggested snacks. If you are full and not craving anything else, skip the snacks.

What about caffeine and alcohol?

Yes! Life is short – have some wine! We recommend black coffee or green tea for your caffeine fix. Try to avoid any sweeteners. If you need to, add a splash of almond or soy milk in your coffee. Or try sprinkling some cinnamon in your coffee for added flavor! Feel free to enjoy a glass of wine during your “on” days. Have a bit more during your “off” days. We do not recommend drinking hard alcohol during the Souper Meals program because of its high sugar content.

What if I don’t want to eat soup all day?

Make the program work for you! If you don’t want soup for breakfast, follow the snack/meal guidelines and just have the soups for lunch and/or dinner! You can choose to follow the guidelines or exactly simply have whatever soups you want for various meals throughout the day. Know that you are making a healthy, delicious, and convenient choice whenever you grab one of the Soupergirl soups out of the refrigerator.

What if I’m not home when you deliver?

You don’t need to be home to receive the Souper Meals. The soups are perishable and do require refrigeration. Fed ex will deliver anytime from the early morning until 9:00 PM. Your Souper Meals package is well-insulated and designed to keep the soups cold until at least 9:00 PM the evening of their arrival. Please put the soups in the refrigerator as soon as you can.

How are the Soups Delivered?

The Souper Meals are packed fresh in insulated boxes before each delivery.  They are sent overnight by our partners at Fed ex. The insulated liners are compostable.  Be sure to refrigerate them as soon as you open the box.

If I don’t want delivery, can I pick up my Souper Meals?

Yes! Pick up is available at each of our DC store locations.  Simply select pick-up when you are placing your order.  We ask that orders are picked up within a week or sooner after they’re ready.


How long will the soups last? Should I freeze them?

Each soup is stamped with a “use by/freeze by” date. They can be frozen for up to 9 months if you would like to start later or just save a few for later.  Defrost the ones you’ll eat the next day by transferring those soups to the refrigerator.

Where are the soups made?

The soups are made at our kitchen in downtown, DC.

Can I recycle any items from my Souper Meals program?

The soup containers are #5 plastics which can be recycled in many areas – please check with your local area (in Maryland, Virginia and DC for example, these items can be recycled).  Additionally, in many areas Whole Foods Markets has partnered with “Preserve Gimme 5” and turns these types of containers into toothbrushes, razors, and more! Just drop them off at your are Whole Foods if you shop there. Unfortunately, we cannot accept used soup containers at Soupergirl because of health code restrictions.

The new insulation liners are made from recycled bottles! You can certainly place the liner in your regular blue bin recycling to be recycled at the curb. They are code #1 – accepted by almost all municipal recycling programs!


Can my “off” days (5-day Souper Meals program only) be moved around?

Absolutely! Set up the Souper Meals program in a way that works best for your schedule. We do recommending spacing out the “off” days and not having them occur right after each other.

Who do I call if my Souper Meals program doesn’t arrive?

Oh no! Call us right away at 202.609.7177 or email soupermeals@thesoupergirl.com and we’ll track down your delivery right away!

What if I have an allergy?

This isn’t a problem!  In the current menu section you can see each soup and its nutritional information and ingredients.  If there are certain soups and ingredients you want to avoid or certain soups you simply can’t get enough of you can customize your Souper Meals soups when you place your order.

Do the soups contain any meat, dairy, or common allergens?

All Soupergirl soups are 100% plant based, dairy-free and certified kosher. They contain no meat, fish, egg, or dairy products. Our Souper Meals soups are also free of peanuts. Some of the soups may contain organic coconut milk (which some may consider a tree nut).  Most of the soups are gluten-free as well and designated as such.

Note – other soups sold by Soupergirl may contain gluten, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Where should I keep the soups before I eat them?

The soups are perishable and require refrigeration. When you are ready to eat your soup, simply put it in the microwave for two minutes in a mug or bowl, or heat it in a pot on the stove.

When do you deliver the Souper Meals program?

Delivery: We deliver our Souper Meals Program via FedEx two times per week. Your zip code will determine what days we can deliver to you.

Can I sign up for multiple Souper Meals?

Absolutely!  Save money and order a multi-week “Souper Meals”. If we don’t hear from you, we will schedule your delivery every week (a week after your first delivert”. If you would prefer to design your own schedule, then email us your preferred delivery schedule.



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