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Let’s Chat About Beverages

by Marilyn Polon

June 3, 2020

Hey everyone –

I’m seeing lots of buzz about beverages these days. From chats about Dalgona coffee to zoom happy hours – people have drinks on their minds. So let’s chat about beverages.

First, staying hydrated is incredibly important when it comes to staying healthy. If you are bored with water (my personal favorite), I recommend:

– Tea and coffee in the AM. Do try and stay away from adding sweeteners. Not only does added sugar add empty calories to an otherwise healthy beverage, it starts you day off with a sweet flavor. This can cause you to crave sugar and sweetness throughout the day. Coffee and tea both have wonderful health benefits. Just be sure to drink in moderation. You want to avoid the “shakes” and don’t want the caffeine to interfere with your sleep. Caffeine impacts everyone differently. Listen to your body.

– Seltzer – yes, technically water! But seltzer with a squirt of fresh lemon, lime, or orange juice takes on a new flavor profile! I recommend avoiding artificially flavored seltzers and instead make your own.

As you probably now know, I really recommend keeping alcohol consumption in check. In addition to the other unhealthy side-effects, alcohol is quite often tied to weight gain. It contains a lot of sugar. And, when drinking, our inhibitions go down and we tend to make unhealthy food choices.

Also, I really recommend steering clear of sports beverages. No one is running a marathon these days! Unless you are a serious athlete in training, stick with water!

Speaking of beverages…. check our website this week for something many of you have been waiting for. Hint… its a soup that comes in a bottle…

As always, I’m here to answer any health, cooking, or really any other questions you may have. I love this Soupergirl community!!

Sending lots of love and health,


PS – To be clear – I’m not a fan of Dalgona coffee!! So much sugar!!

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