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Meet the Team: Steve!

by Sara Polon

May 28, 2021

Team Member: 


What They Do: 

Steve is a delivery driver for Soupergirl. He delivers to our residential customers throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He’s been with Soupergirl for over two years.

What They Did Before: 

Prior to Soupergirl, Steve was a human resources director and involved with property acquisitions for a 600-employee corporation in the DC area for 12 years.

Favorite Part of the Job: 

“Favorite parts of the job include my colleagues and our customers — love to see their smiles when delivering our delicious soups/challahs/market boxes, etc.”

Fun Fact: 

“My fun fact is that I’m extremely sarcastic with some opinion(s) about everything — it’s tough to take the kid out of NY.”

Steve joined our team about two years ago. Besides being  a soup-tastic delivery-team member, he’s an old-school mensch. To be honest, customers love Steve and are very generous when tipping him. 

Instead of pocketing that money, Steve likes to put it back into the community. Each month, Steve and his wife Jill jointly decide where to donate his tips! They enjoy being able to help others and assist those in need in the community. So far, Steve and Jill have  donated to seven different local charities. 

In conclusion, Steve rocks.

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