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It All Began With...

It All Began With...

A mother and daughter on a naively optimistic mission to save the world through healthy delicious food.

Meet the Dynamic Duo

Meet the Dynamic Duo

Soupergirl is Sara Polon, a former stand-up comedian turned soup-maker/CEO. Her mom, Marilyn Polon, is Soupermom (aka the Chief Anxiety Officer) - a home-taught master in the kitchen. This...was not in the plan. But here we are, so let's dive in.

The Soupergirl Story

Soupergirl About Meeting

1977: Soupergirl is born. Soupermom is not prepared for the amount of anxiety that will ensue.

2002: Soupergirl moves to NYC to pursue her dream of stand-up comedy. Soupermom wonders why this is a good use of her college degree.

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Soupergirl About Early SG

2008: Soupergirl starts learning about our corrupted food system and decides the best way to make an impact is to start a soup company. Soupermom points out that her daughter is mediocre at best in the kitchen and decides she needs to step in.

2008-2009: Soupergirl rents kitchen space at a local restaurant. The kitchen lacks air conditioning and heat which meant the duo schvitzed a lot in the summer and wore seven layers in the winter.

Soupergirl About Gonzalo

2011: The duo opens their first soup shop in Takoma, DC and quickly realize they know nothing about retail. Oy.

2012: Souper Chef Gonzalo joins the team, helping to greatly expand Soupergirl through retail sales and an ever-growing menu.

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Soupergirl About Coming Soon

2015: Soupergirl walks into Whole Foods Georgetown carrying a bag of soup and asks to speak to the buyer. The regional chef asks her who the heck she is as he makes all the soup for the entire region. This was very awkward.

2016: Turns out the regional chef was incredibly supportive. Thank goodness! Soupergirl starts selling at dozens of Washington Metropolitan area Whole Foods and other natural retailers.

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Soupergirl About Costco

2016: Soupergirl enters Costco. There is not enough room on this website to describe that process. But it was a serious game changer. Holy moly.

2018: The duo land on Shark Tank and get yelled at but have a lovely time nonetheless. Soupermom decides it is her mission in life to yell back at Mr. Wonderful.

2019: Soupergirl starts shipping soup nationwide. They learn that this is very difficult.

Soupergirl About2

2020: There is a pandemic. Remember?? But Soupergirl did jump into action, doing a lot for the community, the team, the first responders, and our customers. Please check out our Values page to learn a bit more about the never-ending 2020!

2022: Soupergirl launches their new website, and is available in Costco, Whole Foods, Kroger, Amazon Fresh, Harris Teeter… the list keeps growing. They continue to work every day to pursue the values upon which they founded this company.

They've also honed in on the most sustainable way to ship their products. Not nationwide - closer to home. With as little packaging as possible. And they're exploring ways to lower their carbon footprint even more...

They have so many plans - they hope you’ll keep supporting them. Because really, they are just getting started.

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Find our world changing soup in stores near you.

Find our world changing soup in stores near you.

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Get your favorites delivered
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