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Our Values

We can tell you, in clear conscience, that our soups are very healthy. They are chock full of fresh, local veggies, grains, beans, and other wholesome goodness. We go very light on the salt so you can season the soup as you please. But please don’t let the whole “healthful” thing scare you. The soups are really healthy, but we don’t think you’ll notice.

Sure you can find “fresh” soup at certain stores around the area. But check out the ingredient lists of these soups – malodextrin, autolyzed yeast extract, corn syrup solids, and my favorite – xantham gum. What exactly is xantham gum? And guar gum? Isn’t Guar an extreme metal band? Did they invent gum? Is it chewy? Why is it in my soup? Our rule is simple – if you can’t pronounce something on the ingredient list, it should not be in the soup.