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Just. Good. Soup.

Just. Good. Soup.

We believe in food justice.

The Problem

An economy of exploitation.

From the laborers in the field, to the truck drivers transporting our food across the country, to the children working overnight shifts in factories - there is a shadow work force in this country that keeps our economy humming. But at what price? Abuse, sexual assault, stolen wages, and worse. No protections, no safety nets, no recourse - in America, in 2023. Also, while our current industrial food system feeds millions of people, it’s also responsible for extraordinary waste, deforestation, and climate change. How did we get here, and more importantly, how can fix it?

We believe that together - with you, the consumer - we can be a part of the solution.

We believe in food justice.

Food Justice in the Fields

Food Justice in the Fields

Soupergirl is proud to be the first packaged goods company to obtain a Fair Food certification. The Fair Food Program ensures humane wages and working conditions for the people who feed our families. Stolen wages (sometimes slavery), sexual assault, brutal working conditions (lack of shade and water), and worse are all too common in the fields of industrial farms in America. The Fair Food Program fights back. Workers who are employed on Fair Food certified farms are able to do their jobs with dignity, protection, and recourse. Soupergirl is working hand in hand with the Fair Food team to expand the program to more farms, consumer goods companies, restaurants, and retailers.

Food Justice in Our Community

Food Justice in Our Community

Unfortunately, so many in the food world - from hospitality workers to farm laborers live without safety nets or any government assistance during times of crisis. Soupergirl has partnered with a number of non-profit organizations that focus on assisting these specific members of our community. From the DC Food Project, to Following Francis, Soupergirl has donated thousands of gallons of soup to community members in need.

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Food Justice in the Workplace

Food Justice in the Workplace

Justice starts at home. Soupergirl provides all full time employees with fully subsidized health insurance, paid time off, paid maternity leave, sick leave, and most importantly, a respectful and safe work environment. And we ask the same of our partners.

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Food Justice for the World

Food Justice for the World

The earth provides for us, but we have neglected to return the same respect. At Soupergirl, we try to do better, with every bowl of soup we cook. We compost 100% of our scraps, drastically reducing waste and food in landfills. We are certified plastic-neutral through a partnership with rePurpose global. We source “ugly” produce that would have otherwise ended up in the garbage. And most importantly, we are 100% vegan. Reducing your meat consumption is the number one way to reduce your climate impact.

Join us in the fight for food justice - one bowl of soup at a time.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. In our view - the word “others” includes people, air, water, animals, you, me - all of us.

Our Awesome Partners

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  • Arcadia
  • DC Food Project
  • Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop
  • Full Harvest
  • Fair Food Program

Questions? We’ve got answers

  • Soupergirl has always prided ourselves in providing a safe and respectable working environment. During Covid, we kicked everything into high gear. Once we realized that we were asking our team members to defy CDC orders, leave their homes, and keep cooking healthy food for a locked-down country, we implemented an array of efforts to keep everyone safe and secure. Efforts included:

    • Implementing a fully subsidized health insurance plan for all full time staff members. We believe that health insurance is a right, not a privilege. Period.

    • We brought in a disease specialist to test our team weekly for Covid. We were able to prevent dangerous outbreaks in our facilities because of our rigorous testing protocol.

    • Obtained K95 masks and face shields (not easy at the start!) for everyone.

    • Provided additional masks and thermometers for all team members to take home and use with their families.

    • Pulled our team off of public transportation and provided bonuses for car-pools.

    • Provided additional food for our team to enable them to reduce shopping trips and time in the supermarket.

    In addition, everyone at Soupergirl is provided with paid time off, sick leave, and a living wage. As we grow, we will continue to expand the benefits that we can provide to the Souper team.

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  • We don’t want to pull the curtain back too much, but… a lot of large food companies use frozen, pre-chopped vegetables to “cook” (toss in a vat with some salt??). Soupergirl, on the other hand, knows many of our farmers. We know how our vegetables were grown, how the laborers were treated, and how the food made its way to us. Once it arrives at Soupergirl, our team peels, chops, de-seeds, and gets cooking. That pumpkin won’t peel itself! Hand-crafted means literally peeled, chopped, stirred, cooked - by hand!

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  • If you didn’t know, we hate plastic, and we’re proud to say Soupergirl is now certified Plastic Neutral by rePurpose Global. This means for every product we sell, we are donating a percentage towards vetted programs that will collect and recycle as much plastic waste from the environment as we use in our packaging and operations. In addition to reducing our plastic use wherever possible, this partnership with rePurpose Global allows us to fund cutting-edge recycling, support ethical wages for marginalized waste workers in India, and ultimately reduce plastic leakage into landfills and waterways. By doing so, we are proud to announce that every Soupergirl purchase will now carry a Net Zero Plastic Footprint. Learn more about our Plastic Neutral Guarantee at To be clear, this is just a step. Our goal is to become plastic-free as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates!

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  • Amazing question! Responsible sourcing is one of our driving values. We work with a number of small, sustainable farms around the Washington, DC area including Garners Produce, Licking Creek, Lancaster Farm Coop, and more. We also have partnered with an amazing, female led company called Full Harvest that helps us source distressed produce that would have ended up in a landfill! We have some exciting news coming out soon about sourcing soon (hint - we’re going DEEP!).

    We also work with a number of values focused, women-owned, local brands when it comes to other ingredients. Highlights include: Our organic quinoa and extra virgin olive oil comes from Simpli - an amazing, DC area, woman-owned company. Our tahini is made by Soom, a Philadelphia based company owned by three sisters (who happened to go to the same high school as Soupergirl!). Loving our calzones, empanadas, croutons, and challah? The dough is make by Sunflower Bakery, an amazing Rockville, MD based organization that provides job training and employment opportunities for individuals with learning challenges.

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  • We’ve partnered with Arcadia to reduce our carbon footprint by using wind-generated power in our flagship location in Takoma. Also, we’ve partnered with Compost Cab, a Washington, DC based business that collects food scraps all over the city and turns them into high quality soil for area farmers. To put things in perspective - Soupergirl processes THOUSANDS of pounds of butternut squash per week in the winter. We end up with hundreds of pounds of seeds, scraps, and peels. Rather than wrapping everything in plastic and dumping them into a landfill (terrible for the earth!), we compost them, creating a circular system! To learn more about the benefits of composting, visit the EPA’s website.

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  • Food insecurity has only grown across the country in the wake of the pandemic. Soupergirl has partnered with a number of area organizations to help ensure that everyone in our community has a warm meal to eat at the end of every day. We’re particularly proud of our work that provides healthy meals to area children.

    Soupergirl donates hundreds of units of soup to our neighbors in need each week. Partners include: the DC Food Project (providing food to at risk students and their families), Francis on the Hill (working to assist our neighbors in need in Columbia Heights) as well as Yad Yehuda (an organization providing food assistance to our kosher neighbors in need).

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