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tomatoesLet’s cut right to it, shall we? Long term Soupergirl fans know that August is peak tomato season, and therefore the best time of year to make Souper Papa’s Papa Al Pomodoro soup. Juicy, summer tomatoes, bright summer basil, artisinal bread, garlic, and fruity olive oil. That’s it! Summer flavors in every spoonful. Available only to our online home/office delivery customers. Head to the Order Soup page to have Papa Al Pomodoro delivered right to your door!

We’re also excited to announce another store that will carry our soup. Beginning today you can find our soups at rodmansRodman‘s on Wisconsin Avenue! This beautiful grocery store, located just south of Friendship Heights, is known for carrying unique, high quality products… now including soup! Their shelves are stocked with gazpachos and other summer flavors. Stop by and pick up a pint or two today!

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