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Play Soupergirl BINGO and Win!

by Sara Polon

October 15, 2021

Hey Souper people!

This October we’re playing Soupergirl BINGO! The grand prize is dinner with our own Soupergirl CEO, Sara (along with a few other goodies).

To play all you have to do is use the BINGO sheet linked here. We’re playing through October 28, so be sure to share your journey by tagging us on Instagram at @thesoupergirldc or emailing us at hello@thesoupergirl.com!

After you complete all the tasks for a BINGO (we’ll take 5 consecutive diagonal, horizontal or vertical tasks) email us (with pics!) to be entered into a drawing for our winners on October 29.

Join us to win one of our three prizes:

First Prize: Dinner with Sara + Soupergirl thermos + $5 Soupergirl gift card
Second Prize: Soupergirl thermos
Third Prize Winner: $5 Soupergirl gift card.

Got any questions? Email us or DM us on social media.

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