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Something New is Coming.......Celebrate with $1 off select soups and gazpachos.

Have You Heard About the S.I.P. Club?

Join and you too can be a Souper Important Person!

How it Works...

Each week our team will create a curated box of 6 Soupergirl items. Do nothing, and voila, it appears at your door on Wednesday (or every other Wednesday if you choose to renew every other week).

Your order will renew every Monday (or every other week - see how flexible we are? We're like gymnasts touching our toes!).

Interested in changing things up? Modifying your delivery date? Ordering 17 bags of croutons? Dancing? Go ahead! You'll save some money:

- 8 items in a box = $8 discount!

- 10 items in a box = $10 discount!

- Dancing? Soupermom will record a Tik Tok with you. As soon as she learns what Tik Tok is.

Just be sure to modify your box by Sunday at midnight before your delivery!

More benefits!

- Early access to the weekly menu

- The knowledge that you are a SOUPER IMPORTANT PERSON. People might start saluting you on the street. It happens.

Plus, every time someone new joins the SIP Club, a gazpacho gets its wings. So do something good for humanity - join the SIP Club!

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Add 6 or more…

Our 6-item order minimum helps us minimize packaging waste and optimize delivery.