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Delivery Details

How it Works

Delivery: We deliver our Souper Meals Program via FedEx two times per week. Your zip code will determine what days we can deliver to you. Click here to see if we deliver to your zip code.
Pick-up: If you live in the Washington, DC area, you can also choose to pick-up your order at either of our retail locations (Takoma or Dupont).
Multi-week: Save money (and even more time cooking☺) and order a multi-week program. We will send you a Souper Meals delivery each week. If you would prefer to design your own schedule, you can do that as well through our ordering system or you can simply email us ( your preferred delivery schedule. We just need 5 days of advance notice to accommodate schedule changes.

Once the Soups Arrive

Fed ex delivers anytime from the early morning until 9:00 PM (you don’t need to be home). The soups are perishable and the package is designed to keep the soups cold until at least 9:00 PM the evening they arrive. Please put the soups in the refrigerator as soon as you can. Each soup is stamped with a “use by/freeze by” date. They can also be frozen for up to 9 months.
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