Terms and Conditions

Credit Policy:

While Soupergirl does not offer any refunds, we are happy to offer future credits. A credit can be applied toward a “cleanse” purchase, if it is cancelled up to 72 hours in advance of the day your "Cleanse" is scheduled to be delivered or picked-up.  A credit can be applied toward all other online orders, if they are cancelled by midnight on Tuesday. You will be credited the exact amount you were charged to be applied to any future order at Soupergirl. The credit can be applied towards a future “Cleanse” order (i.e. reschedule your delivery for a future date) or be transferred towards a gift card that can be redeemed at either Soupergirl location or online.  We're very flexible on when the credit can be use in the future. It just needs to be used within a year from purchase.

If you ordered a multiple-week “Cleanse” and wish to cancel any remaining weeks up to 72 hours in advance of your scheduled delivery date, you will be credited the remaining discounted rate. You can also schedule the remaining deliveries for future dates.

Soupergirl also cannot accept order changes to a “cleanse” order (whether to the delivery instructions, delivery location, quantity, allergens, etc.) unless we are notified up to 72 hours in advance.  

In the unlikely event that any soups within a delivery are damaged, we will offer a credit or a replacement for these items. Soupergirl reserves the right to request proof of damage via photograph.  Because all of our soups are perishable, Soupergirl is not responsible if you do not refrigerate the soups within the time in the instructions.  
Soupergirl shall have no obligation to issue a refund or offer a replacement for any delivery that records indicate was made to the scheduled address.  

Inclement weather may prevent Fed-Ex from completing deliveries on schedule. In the case of inclement weather that may impact the delivery schedule, Soupergirl will offer customers the opportunity to change their schedule delivery date. If a customer chooses not to change the date, Soupergirl shall have no obligation to issue a refund or offer a replacement.



The soups and any information provided about the Soupergirl soups should not be misconstrued as medical treatment or advice. This information and these products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease or replace a balanced diet.

As with any nutritional program you should consult your licensed health care provider before beginning the Soupergirl Soup Cleanse. I the participant understand that partaking in this Soupergirl Soup Cleanse is my sole responsibility and not that of Sara’s Soup, LLC DBA Soupergirl. By purchasing the Soupergirl Soup Cleanse I understand and agree to these terms. I am advised that these soups are not intended as a prescription for any illness or any disease. I understand that any information about the Soupergirl Soup Cleanse benefits is educational and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or any other medical authority.

By purchasing Soupergirl soups and/or the Soupergirl Soup Cleanse, to the extent permitted by applicable law, for myself and my heirs I hereby waive and release Sara’s Soup, LLC DBA Soupergirl from and against any and all claims for damages of any kind relating to the consumption of the Soupergirl Soup Cleanse.