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Why eat local? Here’s a few reasons:

  • Keep real farmers in business. Farmers are awesome. Their wisdom spans the gamut; from a deep understanding of the natural world to fixing a flat tire on a Soupergirl truck. Where would we be without them?? Stuck on the side of the highway, that’s where.
  • Conserve energy. The average food has traveled 1,500 miles to get from the farm to your plate! To put that in context, it’s like hiking down to Raleigh NC, and heading due west on I-40 until 1500 miles later you’re in the Texas panhandle, 25 miles west of Amarillo. Yee-ha!!
  • Preserve the natural landscape. Whenever you buy a product that sources from local farms (like Soupergirl), you’re fueling an economy that prevents all that beautiful farmland from turning into a local Quickee-Buy-Multi-Mall-Shop-or-Die-Zone. And that is very good.

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