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Why You Should Invest in Your Health

by Marilyn Polon

January 27, 2021

Friends –

I find that the dark days of January and February are often the hardest when it comes to staying healthy. As I’ve mentioned before, we set ourselves up for failure with New Years resolutions that include getting up at the crack of dawn and eating salads all day when it is cold, dark, and often wet outside. Add in a pandemic and forget about it! However, now more than ever, it is important to remember why eating healthy is important.

This time of year, when I find myself struggling, I like to focus on a long term approach to health. Too often, when we diet, we look for short term gains such as rapid weight loss. I encourage you, instead, to view new habits as an investment in a lifetime of health. Incorporating long term healthy habits will yield amazing benefits over a lifetime. Maintaining a lower weight, keeping your cholesterol and blood pressure in check, and exercising regularly will put you at a much lower risk for various illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiac disease. There are just so many benefits of eating healthy.

Yes, stepping on the scale regularly is a great habit to help you ward off weight gain and remind yourself of your healthy eating habits. However, I encourage you to view that number as a barometer of lifelong health. Bonus – you will see short term gains and benefits – but don’t stop there! Focus on the investment you’re making in your future health, and you’ll hopefully be motivated for life!
Sending you love and health.

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