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Our Beginning

Soupergirl is Sara Polon, a former stand up comedian turned soup-maker. Back in 2008, after doing a lot of research, Sara decided to get involved taking the down the industrial food movement. No big deal! She thought about being a farmer, but she can’t even keep her house plants alive.

Soupermom is Marilyn Polon. She’s a home-taught master in the kitchen. She raised the Polon kids on natural, freshly cooked and delicious food. Soupermom, aka the Chief Anxiety Officer, and Soupergirl teamed up to bring seasonally inspired, nutritious, and delicious soup to the hungry citizens of Washington, DC, and beyond.

Most recently, they were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, NBC’s Today Show, and CBS’ The Dish!

Why Soup?

Quite simply, every day is a good day for soup! It takes just one bowl of soup to make a meal. It’s the perfect way to easily incorporate healthy eating into your life. Worried about getting five-to-seven vegetables a day? Need to add more whole grains into your life? Soup!

We prepare soup the way it was meant to be made. From scratch and cooked slowly with love. Homemade with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Our Vision

Our food system is broken. We’re trying to fix it. Soupergirl believes in real, responsible food. We support our local farming community and fight food waste. We compost. We treat our staff respectfully and ask the same of our vendors. We cook healthfully and our soups are plant based.

What does this long and growing list of endeavors mean? The planet wins. The consumer wins. The community wins. The farmers win. The laborers win.

As we grow, we believe we can inspire even bigger changes. One spoonful at a time.

Our Values

We can tell you, in clear conscience, that our soups are very healthy. They are chock full of fresh, local veggies, grains, beans, and other wholesome goodness.

We go very light on the salt so you can season the soup as you please. But please don’t let the whole “healthful” thing scare you. The soups are really healthy, but we don’t think you’ll notice.

Sure, you can find “fresh” soup at certain stores around the area. But check out the ingredient lists of these soups – malodextrin, autolyzed yeast extract, corn syrup solids, and my favorite – xantham gum. What exactly is xantham gum? And guar gum? Isn’t Guar an extreme metal band? Did they invent gum? Is it chewy? Why is it in my soup?

Our rule is simple – if you can’t pronounce something on the ingredient list, it should not be in the soup.